MPA Education Development Fund

The MPA (Master of Public Administration) educational program of Tsinghua University aiming to cultivate public affairs leaders has walked through more than ten glorious years. The program always keeps in mind the concept of “virtuous and public minded” and sticks to the principle of quality first. It has admitted and cultivated more than 2000 high-level public administration talents for China and the world and made its unique and outstanding contribution to MPA educational development of China. In the first national evaluation of MPA universities in 2006, Tsinghua ranked top in terms of total score. From 2004 on, Tsinghua began to cater for leaders in public sector who have rich practical experience and opened MPA-A class program every year. From 2007 on, Tsinghua began to cater for international students and senior government officials from Asian and African countries and opened MID (Master of International Development) and IMPA (International Master of Public Administration) English programs. MID program has become China’s only program first included into MDP global programs. The School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University is the only Chinese member of National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA). 

In 2011, Tsinghua officially launched a new system solution to MPA educational reform. The new solution sets a clear new orientation in personnel cultivation objective: a public affairs leader for national development and human progress. Meanwhile, the new solution plans to comprehensively reform MPA admission system, cultivation system and service system. The new solution was implemented in the autumn of 2011 and won high praise of domestic peers for MPA education. They think “the MPA education reform of Tsinghua can provide very good experience of Tsinghua for national reform and development of MPA education”. 

In order to smoothly advance the reform of MPA education, the School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University prepares to set up MPA education development fund (100 million yuan, with 5 million yuan available each year) and actively absorb social donations from Tsinghua alumni and domestic and foreign friends from all walks of life who are enthusiastic for MPA education. The fund is mainly used to subsidize the tuition fees of MPA-E Western Class, cover the scholarships and stipends of MPA students (including award on excellent MPA graduates and excellent MPA papers), subsidize social practice and international studies of MPA, issue awards to MPA graduates with outstanding contribution, hold high-level public administration forums, open MPA courses and subsidize MPA full-course lifetime education and service. 

The source of this fund is the donations of the people from all walks of life (including naming donation). The donors may provide a package of donation, or single or multiple donations. The donors may provide annual donations or mid/long-term donations. 

Your donations are appreciated!